This product is amazing! I've been using it for almost a month and can really tell that my eye lashes are longer and my brows are back to their pre-over plucking fullness! My husband even noticed the difference! I have a small scar on one of my eyebrows (child hood accident) that I used to cover with a pencil, now the hairs around it are so much thicker and darker, they cover it completely! I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and wear contacts, and have had no problems with this product. My only gripe is the price, but at least you can get both products (eye and brow) for less than some others out there that are just for one.

My eyelashes always used to be naturally thick, though I would still use mascara a little. But then my lashes started thinning and mascara didn’t seem to make up for it. I tried globbing on more mascara to make them look thicker, but it just looked unnatural. When I found Starlash Eyelash Enhancer, I was really excited to find something that might solve the problem. Now, my eyelashes are growing back, looking fuller, thicker, and natural. It’s a great product, and I’ve been recommending it to all my friends.
Jessica, Milpitas, CA

I am in love with both of your products! I have been using the Starlash Eyelash Enhancer and the Eyebrow Nourisher every day for the last 3 weeks, and the results are astounding. My eyelashes are longer and silkier than when I was a child. My eyebrows and lashes are full and healthy, not sparse and invisible like they were just weeks ago. No more drawing them on with a brow pencil! Thank you, Starlash.
Tina, Garden Grove, CA

Starlash is simply an amazing product. Starlash should become as much a staple beauty product as mascara. Together, they make your eyes really shine! I will never again use mascara without applying Starlash first. I love it.
Christine, Houston, TX

My eyes are sensitive and I have trouble wearing mascara. But my lashes were so thin, I could never go without it. But I have been using Starlash Eyelash Enhancer for the last 5 weeks, and thanks to Starlash, my lashes are so naturally thick, full, and silky, I can go without mascara and still look glamorous. It's amazing!
Marry, New York, NY

I used to pluck my eyebrows to make them look thin, and they never fully grew back. Unfortunately, barely-there eyebrows are out of style now. My friends directed me to Starlash Eyebrow Enhancer, and it has worked wonders. My over-plucked eyebrows now look fuller and more natural, not pencil-thin. Starlash Eyebrow Enhancer is now a part of my regular eyebrow maintenance. Thanks so much.
Sasa, Seattle, WA

I absolutely adore Starlash. I have tried products that make similar claims, but only Starlash has actually conditioned and thickened my eyelashes. They are naturally healthy and lush, and, frankly, sexy! Starlash works wonders.
Jenny, San Jose, CA

It's only been 3 weeks since I started using your products, the Starlash Eyelash Enhancer and the Eyebrow Nourisher. I must say I am blown away by the results. Already, my lashes are longer and noticeably thicker, so much so that I am actually getting compliments, even from my coworkers! They ask me what looks different about me and I bat my eyelashes. My eyebrows, too, are looking healthy, not too thick, not too thin, but just perfect. The results of your products are amazing and the effects make my whole face look brighter. I feel great!
Mike, Sarasota, FL