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Starlash Growth Enhancer

Most women use hair conditioner to achieve healthy, shiny locks. Starlash does the same for your lashes, nourishing them and helping them grow long and lustrous.

Our newly revamped, doctor-formulated serum works by sealing your lashes in a protective coating to prevent breaking and splitting. By wrapping your lashes in a special combination of vitamins and multi-proteins, Starlash Growth Enhancer also promotes faster, stronger lash growth. Clinical tests show that after just three weeks of use, you will enjoy noticeably fuller, healthier eyelashes.

Unlike other cosmetics, Starlash contains 100% all-natural peptides, minerals, and other nutrients. Our non-toxic formula prevents irritation with even the most sensitive eyes. Even bare lashes appear full and glamorous with Starlash’s chemical-free eyelash enhancer.

We recommend using Starlash Growth Enhancer every night before bedtime and every morning before you apply your makeup. To apply Starlash:
  • Dip the applicator wand into the serum.
  • Next, use the applicator to brush the formula along the edge of your eyelid the same way you would apply liquid eyeliner.
  • Finally, use the wand to coat your lashes from root to tip, just like you are applying mascara.
This multi-step application process ensures your entire lash – from root to shaft – is bathed in our revitalizing formula.

You may apply your favorite makeup and eye creams as usual, once Starlash Growth Enhancer has dried.