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Starbrow Growth Enhancer
Model Brows in Three Short Weeks

Nicely groomed eyebrows add a softness of expression that can take years off your appearance, making you look young and bright-eyed.

Starbrow Growth Enhancer is a nutrient-rich herbal formula fortified with keratin as well as other proteins and vitamins. This special combination of all-natural ingredients envelopes the hair shaft to protect it from breakage. Thicker, healthier eyebrows begin to develop after just a few applications, and complete results appear after just 21 days.

Apply Starbrow twice a day – in the morning before you put on makeup, and at night before bed. To apply Starbrow:
  • Begin with freshly washed eyebrows and hands.
  • Use the applicator wand to apply the serum directly to your eyebrows.
  • Try to get as close to the root as possible so that the multi-proteins can be absorbed into the hair follicle.
  • Do not rinse off.